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MessagePublié : mercredi 1 février 2012, 0:09 

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First off, I hope 2012 is going well for you. But let's get straight to the good stuff... the Competizione section of has gone live. You can now create a clan on the site and join our ladders/leagues and tournaments. As many clans will, you can join as many as you want and if you have more than one War Arranger in your clan, then that's no problem because you can have them join your clan and a co-clan leader. In fact, you can now have all your clan members join and add them to the clan roster so they can all see how the matches are going against other clans.

In our leagues, the more matches/scrims your clan plays, the more points they could earn and points mean positions. The question is, can your clan take first place. And if so, can it stay there? We hope to see you battling for the highest points.

You can see the ladders here:" onclick=";return false;

Lastly, tournaments will be scheduled for those that want to try to win the ultimate honour - to scrim against other clans and claim victory for the year.

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MessagePublié : vendredi 3 février 2012, 20:19 
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Hi Super,

Sorry for the late reply. Lately we have been playing very few wars and had a little bit of a stress to find the needed men for the 64 wars. But we also made a durable alliance with MIFs in order to gather those men.

As we often changed our war-arrangers lately, we will have to organize and to choose the new ones. Since GCA showed some interest in a scrim against us, we shall soon join you back on

Thanks for the news and happy new year to you too. :)

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