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MessagePublié : mercredi 20 octobre 2010, 4:03 

Inscription : mercredi 20 octobre 2010, 3:41
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Good morning!

The terms on what brought me to your forums are far from what I wanted.

I would like to report a mistreatment and an excessive abuse of admin power.

A short time earlier today me and a few of my clanmates were playing on your main server.
We got teamkilled once waiting for havoc to spawn so other people stole the chopper.
One of the teamkillers got banned which I see as a given response.

However one of them did not receive a penalty at all.
This resulted in someone (RUS Spiked_Ghost) taking the chopper while we were dead.

So me and my teammate now waited for the next havoc to spawn...
After a short while, RUS Spiked_Ghost crashed his havoc and tried to steal the chopper me and my teammate had waited for for over 15 min.

During all of this event, admin Pedrobob was oversseing what was going on and knew very well that we had waited 15 min for that havoc.

Luckily enough we managed to get the chopper before RUS Spiked_Ghost and we took off.

Now for no reason in the world, admin predrobob kicked me and then banned me! Saying stealing friendly vehicle on the kick and giving no reason of why banning me what so ever.

I demand an official apology and unbann for the bad treatment I have recieved on your server. In excess of that I strongly advice you to reconsider Pedrobobs authority as admin on your public server when he obviously can not handle such simple tasks in an intelligent and effective way.

If my demands not are met shortly I will, on behalf of my clan, report your missuse of server license to the PR team!

/ =FU= ViPPaH

MessagePublié : mercredi 20 octobre 2010, 7:44 
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Inscription : mardi 26 février 2008, 11:36
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i hear you, and will ask for more informations, but warning like that (at the end of your text) is not the best way to be heard.


Minigun, mais il fait le maximum...

MessagePublié : mercredi 20 octobre 2010, 14:32 

Inscription : mercredi 20 octobre 2010, 3:41
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I am sorry for you who are not guilty of this bad behaviour, but this is no nice chit-chat.

However the problem regards a Heros member and I therefore believe that my post is justified. After all this is not the first time me or my clan have had problems with the admin Pedrobob.

MessagePublié : mercredi 20 octobre 2010, 15:15 
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Inscription : mercredi 4 juin 2008, 17:29
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Players of =FU= clan : VippaH and Ganj420

First of all, if you already have any problems with my administration in the past, you should have to said it..

Then, i dont like people playing like you do yesterday.. :

-free joke about our rules.. "retarded rules"
-do not respect admin warns
-stole havoc
-and tk crash with havoc on others players and i ...

So what ? you should have right ? you think i'm not ok ?
I warn you : "Ganj420, if you dont wait the havoc, you will not have", "no squad asset name" (you create a second Havoc Squad), you dont care about anything...

When the havoc spawn, you and your friend saw there were already 2 players waiting for..(RUS Spiked_Ghost and sEX_YU Strela2M-YU), and you stole it under my eyes...

To end with this, i take all my time to solve theses problems, i switch side, i stop playing, i take the time to write to you in the chat, i warn you. And now i m losing my time again...


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MessagePublié : mercredi 20 octobre 2010, 15:49 

Inscription : mercredi 20 octobre 2010, 3:41
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You are not writing the truth...

First of all me and my clanmate did NOT steal a chopper. We waited the longest for it and should therefore have it;
Am I not right?
Secondly: why would we not be allowed to call a squad "havoc2"?

Regarding your rules your server has a "banner" that shows text as something like the following: random people will be kicked to make room for members...

Since this is an utterly annoying rule for players I suggested you use reserved slots instead. How is that, giving you a suggestion breaking your rules?!

And most importantly you kicked and banned me for no reason! Misuse of admin power!

MessagePublié : mercredi 20 octobre 2010, 18:20 

Inscription : mercredi 20 octobre 2010, 15:49
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Oh that is such a pile of complete fckin bullshit pedro and you know it!

First of all, we started on your server at fallujah west, were i got kicked for making a room for admin, i was number 6 on our side, had 13-14 kills, and was sniping. That is the most retarded way to make room for an admin ive ever seen, but enough about that.

Then we switched to the new map with IDF vs MEC. me and my clan mates made an armor sq and went around for 30-40min maybe, constantly taking friendly fire from the havoc. Asking you if you can kick the pilot or give him a warning, u reply me something like, "is it ganja420 the baseraper?" or something like that, and then continue saying i will be kicked if i keep on writing in english...

After dying in the tank, me and viper decides to grab a havoc, since there are 2 havocs and only one squad with 2 people in it flying.
we make second havoc sq, and wait on the helipad. then the other havoc sq comes along, tk me and viper and steals the chopper. i immediatly tell you about it, and you ban the guy who did it, which is good.
Then i ask if u have squad asset rule, u reply "no, first come, first gets" I say fine and lay on the helipad waiting for the next havoc. just to be sure, i ask you again, will i get the havoc if i lay here first, you say YES! Then viper goes off flying transport mean while, to do something USEFUL. The other havoc crash again, then comes over where i am lying, expecting to get this havoc as well. you pedrobob were standing 10-15 meters away during the WHOLE time, with your fckin back against me and the helipad.
i asked you 5 times if you could turn around to observe what was going on, that i was there first, and the RUS guy was trying to steal the asset. but you completly IGNORED me. then as soon as the havoc spawned and i got in, THEN you turned around, and said we would be kicked and banned from server if not returning the chopper.

You say "I warn you : "Ganj420, if you dont wait the havoc, you will not have"" But thats what we did, we waited probably 40min for that havoc, and you were there the whole time, all you would have to do is turn around and see that i was lying there before them, and i asked you this. pull up your server log please!

From my perspective, you either misunderstood the situation (which could be solved by simple turning around), or complete abuse of admin rights. if you were stressed and pissed out, and had a rage, i can understand that, as it was late at night and all. and i apologise for my behaviour at the end, but you have to understand my frustration as well. If someone offended your admins or rules, that is regretable, but to be honest, without asset rule, you will get a complete chaos like we witnessed yesterday. and that is actually kinda retarded, why not just make a vanilla server? cause this goes completly against the whole idea of the game. if u guys want to fck around, fine, but then lock your server please.


MessagePublié : jeudi 21 octobre 2010, 1:04 
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Inscription : samedi 1 mars 2008, 16:53
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Hello there,

First of all, let me explain a few things :
Citer :
were i got kicked for making a room for admin, i was number 6 on our side, had 13-14 kills, and was sniping. That is the most retarded way to make room for an admin ive ever seen, but enough about that.
We developed our own administrative tool, which includes a "make a room" button. This function is automatically targeting the most idling players (even with a high score). So either you left your desktop to get a drink or something else and stayed more idle then any other player, or the server was totally full with active players and the administrative tool chose you.

But anyhow, ganja was kicked for baserap and not for making a room :
Citer :
[2010-10-20 02:11:14] Info: rcon: cmd kick 39 "DO NOT BASE RAPE"
[2010-10-20 02:11:19] Info: Kicked '=FU= ganj420' => 'DO NOT BASE RAPE'
Citer :
but to be honest, without asset rule, you will get a complete chaos like we witnessed yesterday. and that is actually kinda retarded, why not just make a vanilla server? cause this goes completly against the whole idea of the game. if u guys want to fck around, fine, but then lock your server please.
With assets organisation you get different big issues. I invite you to visit some famous servers with those strict asset rules, to see what a mess it also can be. Watching and playing a game for one or more hours, while a few guys are incapable to support the team with assets, all because they were the first to create a squad, is for us the most stupid and unfair system ever.
Now our rule, makes it possible to every player that shows the good will to wait, to get the waited-for asset. Usually bad players, new players, or unfair players, don't have the patience to wait.
As for the "useless" waiting, it also avoids for the players to loose our useful tickets for useless reasons like boredom.

This system sure requires a lot of administration, which we are able to provide with our many admins. It only gets harder when the clock reaches late times, and when our admins go to bed. Anyway there is always one or two admins remaining, when the server is visited by players. This is what we call democracy. It always has gaps where bad things can happen, but at least it puts every good-spirited player on the same level.
But before all, an admin is also a player, who can be exhausted, drunk or simply having fun on the server. Sometimes chat messages don't get catch. You can add the difference of language and the understanding of it.
Shortly, the admin is not a slave to the players pleasures.

After taking some time to explain this to you, I would like you to understand, that the HeroS clan is the owner of PR servers since more then 4 years. We pay for this server and have the right to free places for our clan mates and allies, as you have the right to join us and to enjoy some rounds on our servers. Now let me remind you that your clan also has the advantage of being able to switch freely.

As to the language spoken on our server, french and english remain the main languages used. In contrary to most servers, people are free to use their own language between each other, except from team to team.

Now thank you for your advices, but your clan, as other clans or players, have had wonderful games on our servers.
There is 4 years of gaming, wars, and good relations, that tell us that our server might not be perfect, but reaches a certain high standard of game- and teamplay, which most of the players enjoy.


I've been reading the logs of the server as the explanation of everyone here. Pedro might not be a rockstar in English, but I am.

About the chopper situation, after checking the logs, it seems you didn't steal the chopper. One of you has been doing transport while the others was waiting. It's actually ok to be helpful. But if there was an asset rule, an other player might have wanted to do transport for the whole game. You criticize our rule of non-asset squads, but know how to use the advantage of it, when you want. :)

By the way, I've been told that you both took a transport chopper and a HAT and placed yourself in the mittle of the map.
This is not what we consider as "waiting for an asset". But as this is a thing that can't be prooved, we'll only take the use of a transport chopper.

Now from the logs, the Teamkillers were kicked and banned like needed. Spiked Ghost didn't teamkill anyone, in contrary to both of you :

Citer :
[2010/10/20 02:58:52] teamkill =FU= ViPPaH mec_tnk_t72_Barrel CPT-STEE1
[2010/10/20 02:58:52] teamkill =FU= ViPPaH mec_tnk_t72_Barrel RUS Spiked_Ghost
[2010/10/20 02:59:09] chat =FU= ViPPaH HUD_TEXT_CHAT_TEAMwtf sry u didnt show on map
Well, at least you said sorry. As it might have been a real error, we'll pass this one.

Citer :
[2010/10/20 03:25:56] teamkill =FU= ganj420 mec_ahe_havoc_S8Launcher sEX_YU Strela2M-YU
[2010/10/20 03:25:56] teamkill =FU= ganj420 mec_ahe_havoc_S8Launcher RUS Spiked_Ghost
[2010/10/20 03:25:56] teamkill =FU= ganj420 mec_ahe_havoc_S8Launcher HeroS Pedrobob
[2010/10/20 03:26:09] chat =FU= ganj420 HUD_TEXT_CHAT_TEAMHUD_CHAT_DEADPREFIX sorry
This happened at the end, after VIPPAH got kicked. No need to say that it is all deliberate tk.
Now, I can see that you asked sorry for this behaviour on this thread, but I hardly see some sincerity, when I see the tone used in-game and on this thread.

BTW ganja, you teamkilled an admin voluntary, which on most server results in a life ban, or even more.

As for RUS Spiked Ghost, he might have played the tricky one, but came into Pedro's squad to explain himself quietly and also said, he would be ready to give up the helis.

But MOST OF ALL, he stayed polite, not like both of you :
Citer :
[2010/10/20 02:34:24] chat =FU= ViPPaH HUD_TEXT_CHAT_TEAMkwhy soo fcking many in our main? u wanna play or be afk?
[2010/10/20 02:40:02] chat =FU= ganj420 what the fck are u talkin about
[2010/10/20 03:06:59] chat =FU= ganj420 HUD_TEXT_CHAT_TEAMu guys fcked up to much
[2010/10/20 03:07:16] chat =FU= ViPPaH HUD_TEXT_CHAT_TEAMu flew last havoc and crashed it so fck off
[2010/10/20 03:19:33] chat =FU= ganj420 HUD_TEXT_CHAT_TEAMso elpedro, if i camp the helipad now, are u sayin were not gettin it if someone else capps me and jumps in?
[2010/10/20 03:23:07] chat =FU= ganj420 HUD_TEXT_CHAT_TEAM instead of standing around like a couple of faggots
I can also see that ViPPaH expressed his opinion about russian people. Just very constructive :
Citer :
[2010/10/20 03:10:49] chat =FU= ViPPaH HUD_TEXT_CHAT_TEAM he is russian
[2010/10/20 03:10:51] chat =FU= ViPPaH HUD_TEXT_CHAT_TEAM u know he is lying
As for ganja, who is not only insulting and playing with the admin, we all can see what he thinks about french people :
Citer :
[2010/10/20 02:41:07] chat =FU= ganj420 i dont know what u are talking about or why its relevant to kicking fckin tk'er froggy
[2010/10/20 03:27:19] chat =FU= ganj420 HUD_TEXT_CHAT_TEAMHUD_CHAT_DEADPREFIX elpedro el frogeater u actually made me speech less


In the end, Seb and my judgment wil be based on those arguments :

- You had a good will in the beginning.
- You didn't steal the chopper.
- You didn't both wait for it.
- Ganja did some baserap on the map before.
- You teamkilled more then all the people you accused of tk, even if it doesn't seem voluntary for ViPPaH.
- You got directly unpolite and always used dirty language.
- You insinuated russian people are all lyars, which is pretty xenophobic.
- You clearly played with the admin's nerves & failed to show respect by giving him nicknames and insinuating his choices were due to his nationality.
- You spammed the chat for almost an hour.
- You came to this forum accusing blindly, barely admitting your own errors and bad behaviour in-game, as using an aggressive language and tone.

Following the strict violation of our rules, You clearly broke the following rules :

- Teamkill (specially ganja)
- Clean language (All the numerous fck and other expressions which could have been avoided)
- Respect towards the admin (The admin isn't a slave or a prostitute you play with.)
- Respect towards the other players ( specially that comment about russians)

That's with excepting the asset rule and the fact that you didn't wait both for the chopper.

Let's be very clear about Pedrobob. He might suck in English, and might have not understand everything of the situation, but you should be happy, he was the one there.
Because from my point of view, as for many admins I talked to tonight, with that silly language, you should have been kicked or round-banned after 5 minutes, as for all the people involved in this mess.
Pedrobob was enough kind to stop his game, to switch and to check the situation by himself.

Which you also thanked him for on the chat.

An admin is a player that gives some time to offer a clean game to other players. HeroS members are between 18 and 55 years old & have families, women, girlfriends or friends. HeroS admins are not machines that answer to any of your complaints.

You could have been coming here with a peaceful and mature behaviour.
Instead of thinking a little about what happened, of reconsidering your behaviour & of considering the job of an admin facing 4 fighting and arguing players, you came on our forum with all the anger you still had from this game, and the only thing you showed was :

- Empty and lightly ridiculous threats.
- Unthoughtful accusations about Pedrobob.
- Unwanted and simple-minded judgements about our rules and our server.

I personally understand your frustration, but it doesn't explain the lack of respect and behaviour you've shown here and in-game.

For all the different arguments cited above, you'll both remain banned for one week.

It means until the 28/10/2010 around 12h gmt+1

In fact, the respect and good relations with your clan and our different allies, make us remind, that it would be too harsh to judge both of you on one single event. A second event and behaviour like that, would not a have such a comprehensive response.

That's also why I won't go on your forum, to discuss the different ways you've been mocking and misresptecting admins and players. Specially the "frog" or russian thing, which doesn't help at all in the good judgement of a situation.

I just hope that next time you get upset in-game, you won't reach directly for insults and bad language and that you'll wait a little to rethink the way you come here to adress to the admins.

God damn it, be a little more comprehensive.

Best regards.


PS: If you still consider it to be unfair or can not manage that anger you've shown here, we won't stop you to go on I'll ask you three things then :
- Just be aware that we've shown our comprehensive side in this decision, including the fact that you are FU members.
- Be aware that Devs are less then comprehensive, with complaining players making them loose their time.
- Please share this with all your members of your clan, as I think it might be a collective decision. ( I wouldn't mind to share the logs with you ;o) )

MessagePublié : vendredi 22 octobre 2010, 1:57 

Inscription : mercredi 20 octobre 2010, 3:41
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@ Jupil@ire.

I am very happy to recieve such a well formulated reply.

Thank you for taking time to show what a dedicated and mature clan Heros actually are.

I do agree that my language was far from clean. I should not have brought that tone to neither your server or your forum and I apologize for that.

However the face of Heros I was shown on the server at that time was what made me use that tone in the first place.

Even though an admin (as you say) also is human he is still the face of the clan and should therefore take his work in the most serious of ways at all times while on duty.

Instead of writing down more comments I would like to settle this in a peaceful manner over VOIP.

Please send me your xfire name on PM and I will contact you when I can.

/ =FU= Vippah

MessagePublié : vendredi 22 octobre 2010, 19:05 
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This thread is now closed.

Sujet vérouillé.

I answered by MP. ;o)

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