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Update: Project Reality v0.874D Open Gameplay Beta : Part 3
Aujourd'hui à 06:40
The Project Reality Team has been conducting, during this month of November, a public beta test on a select number of community servers to test gameplay changes to the spawning mechanics of the mod. You can read more about it in the previous news posts.

Although the month is almost over, we still want to test some new changes, so we appreciate any feedback you can continue to give on those as well.

The grouped changes since 0.874 are:
Lowered maximum spawn penalty from 60 seconds to 45 seconds.
Raised the maximum number of Forward Outposts available from 4 to 6.
Forward Outposts can be built 200m apart (decrease from 300m).
Forward Outposts can be built with one supply crate instead of two.
Deployable assets (HMGs, AAs, Foxholes, etc) require two supply crates do build.
Deployable assets can be placed up to 200m from the Forward Outpost (increase from 150m).
Limited infantry kits require a squad of 3 to be requested or spawned with (Automatic Rifleman, Medic, Grenadier, Rifleman AT and Marksman).
Rally Points expire after 60 seconds from being placed.
Rally Points cannot be placed with a single enemy close (100m radius).
Rally Points are limited to only one placement before needing to be "rearmed".
Rally Points are "rearmed" by the Squad Leader when spawning (except on the RP) or getting close to a Forward Outpost, Command Post or Supply Depot.

You may have noticed that although there are changes to older tweaks (maximum of 6 Forward Outposts, 60s RPs to avoid spammy "are you ready?" talk, 100m check for enemy presence when placing RPs), the biggest addition here is the limited Rally Point. We think these changes will diminish the following behavior brought by the temporary RP modification:
Squad Leader and one more staying back sending the 4 other squad members to attack.
Squad Leader trying to deploy it all the time using it as a radar for enemy presence.
Squads depending on the rally point too much.

But still have the RP available for those cases where it's worth it (new player in squad, squad separated for stupid reason, or maybe just a safe regroup) and get squads into a lower dependence on RPs, staying together, not giving up too fast, trying to revive fallen troops, being more careful, etc. A "bleep" sound with no message will let the Squad Leader know that he got his RP "rearmed" when getting close to the locations listed above.

As mentioned in the previous announcement, the primary goal is to see the average player's focus shift from Rally Point placement to Forward Outpost placement, something that the entire team will benefit from.

We really encourage everyone to give it a thoughtful try, and think about the overall team benefits. Also think of ways your gameplay will need to change for this to work, and how you can help others, especially with land transport. Always have a medic in your squad, and keep him alive, as he can keep your squad alive.

Like before, the changes are server side, meaning you don't need anything installed to try them out, just join one of the following participating servers:
Tactical Gamer - North America
Tactics & Teamwork - UK
GamingAU - BigD - Australia
10th Community - Germany
=CC= Comunidade Brasileira de PR - Brazil

These servers will have the version "0.874D" in their server name during the test.

We would like to encourage all our players to join these servers and report their feedback in the appropriate forum areas.

- The Project Reality Team

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